Diamond/Standard Shade Roller Site

Size: 48 acres

Water Frontage: .44 miles

The Diamond International/Standard Shade Roller District is a 33-acre area situated on the western end of the designated BOA. The site itself includes three large brownfields and an additional nine vacant sites.

The Diamond International site is 17-acres in size and is bounded on the southwest by the City’s water supply facility, to the southeast by Pearl Street and an adjacent warehouse, to the northeast by the former Shade Roller industrial complex, and to the northwest by the St. Lawrence River. The City acquired the site in 1992, site remediation was completed in 2009, and site stabilization activities were undertaken in 2010. A privately owned 72,000 square foot former warehouse building serving the Diamond plant is still in use as a winter boat storage facility. This building abuts the 7.8-acre, city-owned, Standard Shade Roller site that fronts the St. Lawrence River.

The vision statement for the Diamond/Standard Shade Roller Site is:
The creation of a mixed-use moderate to high-end residential/commercial complex that compliments, supports, and builds on the Fort de La Presentation and Marina developments. The creation of an integrated development project which maximizes utilization of the waterfront for boating and commercial development to attract homebuyers, commercial uses, and shoppers all with a view to generate the maximum possible return to the City for its investment.


  • Unique amount of assembled and fully remediated waterfront property under stewardship of the City
  • Available infrastructure leading to the site (e.g., sewer, water, electric)