Fort de La Presentation

Size: 42 acres

Water Frontage: .81 miles

The Fort de La Presentation district is 38 acres in the center of the BOA at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Oswegatchie Rivers. The district contains three brownfield sites and nine vacant sites. The Fort Association ( ) controls the majority of the site and is working to construct a replica of the Fort, an interpretive center, as well as complementary water-related uses.

Currently, a large portion of the district is vacant; however, there are several residences on the peninsula, including the Ogdensburg Lighthouse. The City owns four acres fronting the Arterial and the remaining land is privately owned.

The vision statement for the Fort de La Presentation Site is:

The creation of a historically accurate Fort de La Presentation combined with ancillary and complimentary facilities that will serve as a tourist attraction for both American and Canadian residents.


  • Well-documented significance of the site, with geographic proximity to other historical sites
  • Proximate in relationship to the Remington Museum, new visitor center, and Marina and Diamond/ Standard Shade Roller waterfront sites
  • Water frontage with potential linkage to Maple City trail
  • Canadian understanding and identification with the site‚Äïcan act as a magnet for Canadian tourism and commerce
  • Re-enactments held each year attract numerous visitors to the area